Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church

Children Ministry

The Children Ministry’s vision is to build a firm spiritual foundation for the children while providing them a safe haven to learn and play together. Its mission is:

  • To teach children about Jesus and God’s love;
  • To encourage children to praise and worship God and to pray;
  • To minister the Word of God through creative Bible story-telling, object lessons, puppetry and visuals;
  • To develop respect and love amongst children through singing, games and craft time;
  • To train children to follow routines, simple rules and instructions; and
  • To reach out and connect with the children in the different communities through children’s community programmes.


Above all, we are not doing ministry, we are doing lives! Through the years, this ministry has been fore-runner of the Sunday school programmes. This involves some 40 to 50 children every Sunday under the supervision of capable and dedicated teachers. Another major activity is the Children’s Bible Camp, as well as other fun-filled gatherings such as Easter and Christmas parties and plays.


Committee (2011-2012)

Ds Eleanor Goh (Head)
Yeo Ngang Peng
Ting Sui Ting
Rose Liu
Grace Yong
Celia Kueh


Activities 2011




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