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Christian Education Ministry

The main thrust of the Christian Education Ministry is to provide teaching, training and equipping courses to build upour parishioners.

One of our programs is conducting of the Baptism & Confirmation Course. Candidates attend a series of special classes taught by a team of dedicated teachers to learn about the sacraments, our Christian faith and responsibilities. The Course helps candidates to have a proper understanding of how to live as an authentic follower of Christ, therefore deepening their relationship with God.

Our Ministry also co-ordinates programs in helpingour church members to grow in their spiritual journey of faith,with the aim of becoming useful and fruitful vessels of Christ. The programs are as follows:-

(1) Foundation Series (FS)

This is basically a form of Adult Sunday School for new and young believers, as well as for long time believers who may wish to go through a refresher.

We invest much time& careful attention in addressing each topic / question, so that each cohort could better understand the Word of God, with specialemphasis on the application aspects of the lessons covered. As such, we take about 1 year to cover this Foundation Series that are based on the excellent materials used by Saddleback Church (Pastor Rick Warren).

(2) Discipleship Training (DT)

Based on the SaRang Church model, the target is to lead 20% of the Church membership through an intensive 1-year of life-transforming Inductive Bible Study, to help them grow deep spiritual roots in Christ, with the aim of helping them to grow more and more in Christ-likeness. To quote Abp Ng Moon Hing, the spiritual health of many churches are a mile wide and one inch deep .

We need to make intentional efforts to help parishioners, especially those who are earmarked to hold office in the Church, to be well grounded in the Word of God, in order to withstand the winds of adversity that blow against the people of God and His Church.

(3) Leadership Training (LT)

The next step is to train and equip those who have undergone DTwith another intensive year of Leadership Training, to help them grow tall in Christ and to bearmuch fruit for Christ. While DT helps the individual believer to become more like Christ, LT positions the individual believer to help others grow closer to Christ.

LT is particularly helpful for those who are appointed to be Cell Facilitators, as there is one whole workbook (out of 3 workbooks) dedicated to training & equipping the Trainees on how to facilitate Cell Meetings and to help the Cell members grow closer to Christ.

(4) Evangelism Explosion (XEE)

On completion of LT, the trainees will undergo 8 weeks of XEE training and equipping, with practical OJT (on the job training).

Most believers find it awkward to share their faith in Christ, probably due to lack of adequate training, equipping and experience. XEE is specially designed to train & equip trainees to share the Gospel message effectively in a simple, comprehensive & succinct way.




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