Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church

Music Ministry

Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry has in its plan the following activities to achieve its objective to become a well equipped worship team and to enable us to serve the Lord better:

  1. To train the worship team in vocal especially the song leaders and support singers;
  2. To train the song leaders on how to lead praise and worship;
  3. To train sound crew members with relevant knowledge and skills in managing and utilizing the AV system;
  4. To upgrade outdated and spoiled instruments with new ones.

It is hoped that with these activities continuously implemented, the church will have a strong, dynamic and effective music and worship team and to be able to serve the English Service, Sunday School, Chinese Ministry, Youth Ministry, Prayer Meeting and also the Home Cell Ministry better.

Finally, as the church grows and expands, the worship ministry may find it necessary to engage the service of a professional music director who can oversee and create improvement in the quality service of the worship ministry.

With the blessing of our Almighty Lord, we will be able to see these plans materialize with the intention to serve the Lord even better.



Committee (2011-2012)

Irvin Lim (Head)
Madeline Goh
Patrick Ho
Oddie Grinsam
Michelle Toh
Rose Liu
Max Leong
Anson Tan

Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church