Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church

Pastoral Ministry

It is by God’s grace through faith that a person becomes a Christian or accepted as a child of God when he repents of his sins and receives Jesus as his personal Saviour. Thereafter, in his spiritual journey, a Christian will not totally be free of crises or problems in his life, such as sickness, death of loved ones and the like, and thus the church exists to provide pastoral care and practical help through God’s love to those in times of such needs.

The pastoral work of Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church covers broadly, visitation and ministry to the sick and the bereaved families, and blessing of homes. During the visitations, the team would have the opportunities to share the Word of God to encourage those with needs, besides providing counseling and advice, and prayer for them and their family members. For some of the disabled and elderly Church members, home communion is also ministered to them once a month to strengthen their inner beings.

The team also ministers to the patients at the Sarawak General Hospital and medical centres, and also inmates at the Lions Nursing Home at Stutong.

Committee (2011-2012)

Rev. Kenny Tan
Ds Eleanor Goh
SD Lawrence Wah Onn

Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church