Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church

Youth Ministry

The Word of God says; “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

The Youth Ministry caters to the spiritual needs and growth of the growing young people of the Church. We believe that through church activities/programmes and Bible studies, it will help our young people to build up strong relationship with God and with people.

The current weekly activities of the youth include Common Bond Home cell meetings every Sunday and Youth Fellowship meetings on Saturdays. Youth camps are also part of their annual activities which is to build up their spiritual life and relationships among each other.

There is also community work involving collection of food for the needy. In addition, the youths regularly joined youths from other churches for fellowship and teaching.

Another activity is the worship workshop led by the youth worship leaders, held fortnightly on Saturday evenings. This is where the youth gets to appreciate the values of worshipping God, and at the same time to find and utilise their talents to serve God through playing instruments and singing.


Committee (2011-2012)

Christopher Chan (Head)

Joshua Voon (Spiritual Advisor)

Kevin Voon

Eric Tan

Justin Yeo


Activities 2011

TJAC Youth Camp 2011

On the 13th to the 15th of March, the youth of Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church found themselves in Holiday Chalet Sematan, the boys stayed in chalets while the girls in the VIP chalet. (the gentlemen of TJAC Youth gave them the honour.) The two pastors who signed up for the camp were Pastor Victor and his wife, Pastor Kelly, youth pastors all the way from KL.

After a boisterous session of fun and games, the bus chartered for our youth left Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church for Sematan, filled with boisterous teenagers looking forward to a getaway filled with fun and getting closer to God. The two-and-a-half-hour trip was rough and bumpy, but that didn’t stop the youth from enjoying it immensely.

Upon arrival and settling down, the youth (youth here also including the uncles and aunties) joined up on the beach for a spectacular view of the South China Sea and had even more spectacular fun playing games on the beach. Frisbees flew and water splashed as the youth enjoyed their time on the beach.

After dinner and a session on teaching, the youth enjoyed the night before retiring at eleven. The sessions were conducted by Pastor Victor and Pastor Kelly. This session and the one after it the next day, were full of fun, laughter and newfound understanding on God’s plan for our lives.

When the extended session the next day finished, the youth broke off for a delicious lunch before breaking off for a free period. At three o’clock, the games session began. For more than an hour, the youth kicked around in the sand before showering off and joining up in the girl’s chalet for the most anticipated event of the evening: The barbecue.

Guitars strummed and chicken wings sizzled as TJAC’s youth and adults gathered near the heat of the resort’s barbecue pit even as rain fell around them. To make things better, (for the youth at least) cookies, sweets, and drinks went around like it must have did when Jesus fed the 5000.

But more was still to come after the barbecue, with TJAC’s youth tradition-Talentime. Three different groups acted upon three very different pre-given themes. The spy who took advantage, the boy who wanted a Barbie and a reality show were all acted out in front of a laughing, amused audience of fellow youth and leaders.

The next day, it was with resignation the youth took their last breakfast at the resort and attended their last session in the camp before packing up and leaving for home with God’s word in their hearts. All in all, as the bus trundled back to Kuching, the youth of TJAC had a stupendous time.

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