Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church

Prayer Meeting (Wednesday)

Last modified on 22nd June 2019 at 1:23 pm

Date:        26.6.2019                           

Time:       7:45pm                    

Led by:    bro. Sylvester Ong

Topic:      Alpha Marriage Course

Prayer summary 19.6.2019                    

Topic: Prayer Ministry

1.  Pray for wisdom and the Holy Spirit’s guidance as the Prayer Ministry prepares their quarterly roster.

2.  Pray for willingness to lead in the prayer focus if approached to do so.

3.  Prayer is not an option, it’s a command. English, Chinese & BM congregations to have this mind-set and to make a conscious effort to attend at least one, if not all, of the corporate prayer meetings.

4.  Leadership of our church to set a good example by their attendance in corporate prayer meetings as “action speaks louder than words”.

5.  Pray for Priests in the rural parishes  to set up a Prayer Ministry. That teachings acquired at the Anglican Diocesan Prayer Conference will be of help to them.

6. Pray for a revival among the Iban Christians

Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church